Organization profile


The company Art & Promotion was founded 1999 – basic areas activity are selling of art articles and organizing of art exhibitions.

Further fields of operations are:

Typesetting & layout work
Marketing & Mailing actions
IT: Hardware, software, networks, telecommunication solutions
Translations and technical documentations
External data security for medium-size enterprises

These fields of operation are described on a separate WebSite.

To quote some satisfied customers:

"Thanks - you really helped me out of a jam" - P.A.
"I know I'll always find a solution for my problems with your company's help" - to U.N.
"I know that it is Friday evening at 9:30 p.m. Do you manage it by Monday anyway?" - D.B. (we do have.)
"The grand opening of my exhibition with the invitation card laid out by you was a great success" - R.S.